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GDPR Information Page

Posted June 8, 2018 by in General

We are a media agency that has specialised in generating quality data through competitions and promotions, for brands of all shapes and sizes, for more than two decades. We’ve proven our agility time and time again as the market has changed from literally ‘answers on a post card’ to todays’ competitions that we host and promote through targeted programmatic display advertising across the biggest and best of the nation’s media.

We speak to Marketing Directors and business owners about data generation on a daily basis which gives us a unique perspective on the industry. When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was approved by the EU Parliament in 2016, organisations were given 2 years to comply or face heavy fines. Well that deadline has been and gone but many businesses are still navigating the new data world.

We’ve spoken to numerous brands that, having actively cleared out any data that doesn’t comply with the new reg’s, are experiencing “Post non-GDPR-Compliant Data Cull Despair”. Especially those that have been on a course and followed the checklists only to realise that much of their data doesn’t comply and responses to their “please resubscribe” email have been low. They are now reeling from the blow of having to cull a huge swathe of data that they’ve been diligently gathering and cultivating.

Many others are crossing their fingers and hoping their ‘Legitimate Interest’ basis will hold up. They’ve sent out ‘BTW, our policy has changed…’ emails which were largely ignored.