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Team Spotlight: What I’ve learned from my first job role at a media agency

My journey into the digital sector has been a mixed one.

My initial interest in media and marketing crept in a few years ago, when I decided to launch a blog alongside my day job as a Wedding & Events Coordinator. The blog, that initially started as a hobby, rapidly developed into a business and allowed me to launch a supplementary print and digital magazine too.

Several job roles later, and with a thriving business becoming too much for a part-time venture, but not enough for a full-time leap of faith, I made the difficult decision to close the blog and magazine down. Some might say that it was a missed opportunity on my part, and the 2.5 years of hard work was tough,  but I picked up a lot of skills along the way. It also left me with a passion, and a sector that I wanted to pursue more than anything.

When I applied for my current role, which sees me heading up the Digital & Social Media department for a buzzing media agency in Plymouth, I had serious doubts in my own ability. I felt as though my skill-set was solid, but it was undeniably nerve-wracking moving into my first dedicated digital marketing position. Plus, due to various changes within the company, the role developed and grew in terms of responsibility very quickly and at times, I did feel overwhelmed.

It’s been a whirlwind of a nine months, and thankfully, I’ve come out stronger, and more knowledgeable than ever before. I feel very grateful for the opportunity I have here, to develop my skills and be involved with some seriously cool marketing campaigns.

Here’s what I’ve discovered so far:

  • The coach to London from Plymouth is a lot cheaper than the train. Like a lot. However, it does take hours and you will need to take a pillow! Megabus is surprisingly efficient for the price you pay and most of the drivers are lovely. If you need to visit clients in the big smoke on a budget, then this is the way to do it.
  • The digital landscape is ever-changing; what you learn one week can be out of date the next. Keep reading, keep researching and try to keep up as best you can! Plus, if you decide to head to any of the big digital marketing conferences, be selective. A lot of them offer a free pass to explore the stands and smaller talks – be careful before you shell out too much for the fancy delegate access as it’s not always worth the investment.
  • Creativity is key and can be one of the best ways to engage with your clients. Having the ability to come up with new and exciting campaigns is one of the best parts of my job. Plus, if you can bring new ideas to the table, your clients will respect you for it.
  • The right team can make all the difference. We expanded our digital team in November with a new appointment and she has had such a positive impact to my day-to-day routine. It’s so important to get along with the people in your company, but even more so, the people in your immediate team.
  • As an agency, we have to be constantly evolving. We’ve moved a lot of our itinerary to new platforms this year including the MailOnline, and Mumsnet to name a small selection. Our brands expect constant change, and we like to deliver it.
  • Tea and a step away from your desk are generally the answers to all of your problems. Whenever I find myself struggling with my workload, or getting frustrated with a design that just isn’t working, I always make a point of taking five minutes to clear my head. Trust me, it works wonders. A second pair of eyes often helps too.
  • Staff morale, employee perks and a boss who actually cares all make for a positive workplace, and increased productivity. If you have a problem at work, the worst thing you can possibly do it sit on it, stewing and making yourself feel worse. Talk to a colleague, or a friend, or even the CEO – you might just be surprised as how much things can change for the better.

Working for a media agency is awesome. Working for a media agency in Plymouth is even more awesome. I never have a day that is the same as the last. I get to live in a beautiful part of the world, with regular trips to London to see clients, and with ongoing relationships with national brands and media titles. We also deliver tangible results for our brands – and this is incredibly rewarding.

I feel motivated, challenged, and can genuinely say that I love my job. For me, this is the most important thing. I’ve held numerous positions that I’ve enjoyed, but I’ve never felt so positive about my future career path than I do right now.

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Written by Laura Greenland – Head of Digital & Social Media