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Investing In Our Staff

We invest in our staff here at RGM through a programme of continuous training. Staff are encouraged to attend local and national conferences and networking events, and contribute to the overall knowledge base of the business through regular staff meetings.

Our account managers are currently working with top sales training provider Estadia. Richard Palmer, managing director at Estadia, has been working with the RGM team for over six months, helping to improve the teams sales techniques and providing invaluable feedback and evaluation.


Richard established Estadia Limited in 2007 to bring practical, proven sales methods to a wider business audience. Under his guidance, the business has grown steadily and now influences locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Through a combination of personal and professional networking, direct marketing and relationship building, Estadia has established itself as a proven success and is continuing to grow year upon year.

Richard states: “Estadia and Rebecca Garrett Media are working together to provide the best possible sales training to RGM staff, enabling them to perform to the highest level while consistently investing in our staff’s development. Training for all RGM staff starts with a 2 day Essential Telesales Skills course which teaches the right way to engage customers over the phone. The first day focuses on building a relationship with the receptionist/gatekeeper in order to qualify the prospect customer and gain the decision maker’s contact details.

Day 2 then moves on to understanding how to gain information and a relationship with the decision maker and progressing the call through to booking an appointment or selling product over the phone. Following this initial training, RGM benefits from Richard providing direct 1 to 1 training and coaching with each of our sales team on a monthly basis. This helps our team to consolidate their skills and apply them in a day to day environment.”

We are currently hiring Account Managers, so get in touch to find more about the our career opportunities and how we can help you develop in the fast paced world of performance media.


Becci The Great RGM Baker of 2016!

Judging took place this Morning for The Great RGM Christmas Bake Off! A whole host of creations arrived at the office, from mini ginger-bread-men shaped biscuits to biscuits that spelt team members names and even team members as biscuits.  It was clear that the oven mitts were off for this office competition.

After a morning of munching, tasting and score taking fueled by copious amounts of sugar, Becci was crowned RGM Christmas Baker 2016. Her masterpiece of personalised team member biscuits over-ruled any other bake. A great effort with some uncanny resemblances! Following Becci as runners up were Liz who easily received 10/10 for presentation and Sian for her mini ginger-bread-men.

A real RGM team effort, the Grinch even made a appearance!

BeFunky Collage




The Great RGM Christmas Bake Off!

Today marks the beginning of The Great RGM Christmas Bake Off! Each member of the team was presented with a gorgeous glass jar stacked with ingredients to make raisin and oat biscuits, the jars look so good we don’t want to ruin them.

The idea is that each member of the team takes their jars home, bakes the biscuits over the weekend then on Monday, brings in their creations. Judging will then take place. From taste to originality and appearance, the biscuits will be put through extreme scrutiny, to ensure there are no Soggy Bottoms or raw dough balls. We’re hoping for 3D biscuit scenes that would even bowl Paul Hollywood over.

Check back on Monday to see which team member is crowned, The Great RGM Baker of 2016!