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Here at RGM we are all dedicated to our individual roles but when it’s time to party and have fun, we know how to let our hair down!


We work really hard to deliver an exceptional end to end service to all of our clients, all of the time. Our mission is to be an indispensable service to the publishers and broadcasters we work with. We are the only agency we know that employs a full time production team solely dedicated to maintaining the smooth running of all competitions and promotions from start to finish.

We love living by the sea and are proud to be a media agency based in the South West. You don’t have to move to smog-filled London to enjoy a rewarding media career. Having said that, we really care about our clients and the people we work with, so each team member spends at least one day a month out and about in London. This gives them the chance to get lost on the tube and to meet the people at the end of the phone.

Our office is an exciting, vibrant and dynamic place to work; there’s a variety of personalities and everyone feeds and bounces off each other. There’s never a dull day at RGM – you’ll be going home with a barrel full of stories and jokes to share with your family and friends.

If you are lucky enough to come and work for us you can enjoy an exceptionally generous package and benefit from our training and reward programme which is open to all employees.


We all know that the best learning doesn’t always happen stuck in a classroom staring at four walls not really listening
to the teacher rambling on, picking on the person who does not raise their hand – it happens every day,
just by doing your job and trying new things out. So in a business that’s growing and
evolving like RGM, the opportunities to develop yourself are second to none.

We also think it’s important to get away from the usual day-to-day routine, take a step back and improve on the skills you need to be
even better at what you do. That’s why everyone has regular development chats with their manager to talk about what areas they need to
work on to be even better at their job and what their long term plans are too.
We also arrange the best training days that everyone at RGM can get involved in – ranging from team building to trips to town,
you’ll be learning new skills and tactics without even knowing it!


Salary: An annual pay review ensures that high performance is rewarded by increasing capacity to earn.

Day Trips: It’s not always fun and motivating to stay in the office every day, that’s why we arrange frequent day trips
to get you out of the office as a team.

Social Events: We’re not just a team here at RGM, we’re all best friends; there’s a real family vibe in our office.
We take our employees and their partners out to social events. Previous trips have included a Night on London's West End seeing
The Tina Turner Musical, Jessie J concert at the Eden project and Tim Minchin Live at Eden!
– plus, we also hold the best Christmas Parties. It’s a chance to let your hair down, party and bond more as a team.

Rebecca Garrett

Grand Fromage

Rebecca Garrett

Liz Friend

Head of Production

Liz Friend

Bex Werren

Social and Affiliate Manager

Rebekka Werren

Clare Bunting

Production, Social and Affiliate Executive

Clare Bunting

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